Our Nursing Home

Has a total of 144 beds that are reserved for our non-self-sufficient residents. Of these 144 beds, 140 of them are guaranteed by working in agreement with the local health authority (A.U.S.L. Romagna) and 4 of them are private. 

Here you will find some of the most state-of-the-art equipment, such as ultrasonic tanks, various lifting devices depending on each of our resident’s specific needs, innovative anti-decubitus mattresses, some cutting-edge technological systems, air conditioning, nurse call systems, and a fire detection system.

Submit an application

You can submit your application through a social worker who works for the local health authority at the city hall where you are registered. They will then alert the “A.U.S.L. Romagna" Geriatric Evaluation Unit, which will consider putting you on the waiting list.

Once you have finally been admitted, our Nursing Home will welcome you – if the local health authority has sent you to us – just as expected by the regulations implemented by the District Committee (Comitato di Distretto).

You can download the application form from our website and then email it to segreteria@residenzapietrozangheri.it  If you do not want to send us an email, you can directly bring your application to our Administrative Office.

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The ward for our non-self-sufficient residents

There are 3 different floors dedicated to our non-self-sufficient residents

The Angeletti-Gamberaldi Ward

Offers you single and twin rooms

Find out what our Fees and Costs are